Wayne Clements - AuctionsSee Wayne live!

Since 1990, Wayne has been travelling Australia and painting up a storm! Wayne travels to new locations every couple of weeks, painting live in shopping centres and gathering a crowd.
During his time at each location, Wayne paints up to 50 unique artworks in the public eye. As he paints away, his staff busily sell raffle tickets for the chance to win one of Wayne's original artworks! All raffle proceeds are donated to a local charity, chosen by Wayne himself.
On the last Saturday of his visit, an action-packed auction is held of all the paintings created throughout his time there. This is your chance to purchase an original Wayne Clements oil painting at unbeatable auction prices! Conducted by the man himself, Wayne auctions off each of the artworks and unbeleivable prices!

So, head out to see him at his next location! Grab a lucky ticket in the draw to win a painting, attend the auction and see Wayne paint live! He's not in one place for very long - this could be your only oppurtunity!

Wayne's Paint Kits, wOils sets and Wayne's line of DVDs are also available for purchase at all of his locations. There is a limited stock at each location, so if you want to grab some of our best-selling art supplies, get in quick!

Check out the dates and locations below and see if Wayne will be in your area next!






                                                       2014 Appearances/Auction  Schedule

                                                   We are currently still making bookings for 2014. 
                                      Locations will be annonuced when we have confirmed scheduling.



                           Auction commences 12:00 PM on the last Saturday of our visit, unless otherwise stated.






Monday 6th to Saturday 18th


Ringwood , VIC

Eastlands Shopping Centre


Monday 3rd to Saturday 8th 


Monday 10th to Saturday 22nd


Shepparton, VIC


Doncaster, VIC

Shepparton MarketPlace


Stockland (The Pines)


Monday 10th to Saturday 22nd


Mornington, VIC

Mornington Central


Monday 7th to Saturday 19th
(Centre closed Good Friday only)


Victoria Point, QLD

Victoria Point Shopping Centre


Monday 28th April to Saturday 10th May

Monday 19th to Saturday  31st

Loganholme, QLD


Mt.Ommaney, QLD

Logan Hyperdome


Mt. Ommaney Centre


Tuesday 10th to Saturday 21st


Frankston, VIC

Karingal Hub


Monday 30th June to Saturday 12th


Monday 14th to Saturday 26th


Preston, VIC


Broadmeadows, VIC

Northlands Shopping Centre


Broadmeadows Shopping Centre


Monday 4th to Saturday 16th


Endeavour Hills,VIC

Endeavour Hills Shopping Centre


Monday 15th to Saturday 27th


Werribee, VIC

Werribee Plaza


Monday 6th to Saturday 18th  



Pakenham Central Marketplace


Monday 27th Oct to Saturday 8th Nov


Greensborough, VIC

Greensborough Plaza






 Terms and Conditions of sale at auction

** All prices are subject to 10% GST payable on payment at table.

We accept cash, eftpos, Visa, Mastercard and cash cheques only.


  • When the auctioneer says sold, the auctioneer’s word is final, and you are then committed to the purchase.
  • The auctioneer also has the right to start at a certain figure and nominate bids made in certain amounts.
  • If the auctioneer thinks that the price is ridiculously low, he can reject the final bid and the item will then be passed in.
  • A bid may be rejected by the auctioneer if the bidder is under age, drunk, known to be mentally unstable, or is unlikely to be able to afford the item being sold.

    For payment :
  • Paintings may be collected and purchased during the process of the auction at the sales table.
  • Please, make a note of the name and number of painting as in the catalogue before collection at table (pencils to help you do this are provided at the sales table.)
  • By coming forward with a surname at the fall of the auctioneers hammer, multiple sales can then be held aside for a one off payment at the conclusion of the auction. By doing so, this will avoid any confusion or possible delays in your purchases.



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